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Glossary of Terms & Concepts

Use Biddingo’s glossary to help you understand terms and concepts. This glossary provides descriptions for many terms and concepts you may encounter while using

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Advanced Search

This features allows you to search bids by multiple criteria including: organization name, keyword, business category, Bid Status, location, closing date of bid, posted date of bid and more.
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This is a piece of documentation that is issued subsequent to a bid opportunity becoming active on Any supplier who has ordered a bid package prior to the change will automatically receive the amendment via the Daily Bid Notice, with the exception of those suppliers who have indicated that they wish to receive no further amendments. Also known as an "update' or "addenda".


A piece of documentation that is issued subsequent to or in addition to a document, and is of 'non-standard' format.

Award Notice (also see Bid Results)

The creation of a notice announcing the award of a contract to one or more suppliers. The award notice can be the result of a closed opportunity (published on Biddingo) that has been awarded or an independent notice created to announce an award not related to any published opportunity notice.

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A tender, proposal or quotation submitted in response to a solicitation from a participating buying organization. A bid covers the response to any of three principal methods of soliciting bids, i.e. Invitation to Tender, Request for Proposal and Request for Quotation.

Bid Type

This indicates the type of business sector that bid notice was published from (i.e. public or private sector organization).

Bid Status – Open for Bidding

Any organization or person can submit a bid on the business opportunity.

Bid Status – Invitation

Only selected organizations or persons can submit a bid on the business opportunity.

Bid Status – Qualified Bid

Only organizations or persons with specific qualifications can bid on the opportunity. Examples: Qualified Pharmaceutical Companies, Bond-able, Qualified Engineer, ISO 9000 certified.


A supplier who responds to a bid notice or bid opportunity.

Bid Document

Components provide supporting information for a notice. They can be documents, attachments, Questions and Answers, physical items/samples, or blue prints. Also referred to as Bid Documents or Documents/Attachments.

Bid Notice (also see Solicitation)

A summary or description of the goods or services a buyer wishes to obtain. This information is available publicly on Biddingo.

Bid Number

An internal procurement code that the Buyer assigns to an opportunity.

Bid Results (also see Award Notice)

This indicates which organization(s) won the bid.

Bidding Phase

The period of time when suppliers are bidding on bid opportunities. See Private Bidding.


A non-registered user of An individual registered for a 30-Day Trial on is considered a browser.


A purchasing agent within a public-sector or private organization. Public buyers can include procurement officers from the Federal and Provincial governments (including their respective ministries, departments, crown corporations and agencies), the MESH-sector, and other publicly-funded organizations who must follow open procurement policies and are subject to various trade agreements. Private sector buyers include purchasing officers from corporations and businesses.

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Categories categories are simplified into 14 main classification categories for goods and services. Click here to view all categories.

Closed Invitation

A bid opportunity only available to a select group of vendors, and not published to the public.

Closing Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

The date on which all bid submissions must be received. The notice is then moved to the historical database of archived opportunities.

Closing Time

Indicates the exact time and time zone at which the bid submissions must be received.

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A message which appears at the top of all notices on Biddingo, indicating that the Buying Organization, and not Biddingo, is accountable for language and/or content.


A text file that can be in electronic format or printed on paper which supports the bid notice. Documents can be available publicly on for FREE download, or purchased by suppliers. Sometimes suppliers are referred to another website to locate the documents, or need to pick them up in person.

Document Number

The number that Biddingo assigns to each component added to a notice.

Document Taker List

A list of suppliers who have ordered or downloaded documents for a specified notice.


A 'generic' term that includes Document, Attachment, and Amendment. These items may not be available publicly on Biddingo. They are purchased by suppliers and generally distributed by Biddingo.

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Historical Bids

Bid opportunities that have passed their closing date.

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Request to participate in an opportunity.


Found during the ordering process, this column lists each component of the opportunity being ordered. Clicking on the component item link will display the Items Details Page. This page lists each document, the number of pages and available formats.

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Joined Buyer

Registered Private Sector buyers who join Group Bid opportunities as part of Private Sector bidding.

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(Municipal, Education, School Boards and Hospitals) Sector. Also referred to as the broader Public Sector.

Method of Delivery

The delivery method selected by the Supplier to receive ordered components: E-mail, Fax, Courier, Mail, download or Pick-up

My Portfolio

This feature is available only to paid subscribers. My Portfolio enables subscribers to store your specific tenders in an electronic filing cabinet called "My Portfolio". You can track, document takers, Amendments, or simply locate the tender if you are too busy to view at the time of your search.


During Biddingo registration, users are required to identify the categories, products or services they provide. By clicking on search by "MyProfile" users can view the results of the search by category and by target market location. (Country, province/state or by telephone area code).

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Non-standard format

Non-standard format describes hardcopy documents or amendments which are not 8.5"x11" or 8.5" x 14". They can include 11"x 17" paper, Blueprints, diskette, binder, book, videotape, sample, etc.


An electronic advertisement that: solicits goods or services; indicates that a solicitation is being updated/changed; or announces a contract award.

Notification of Amendments

Notification of amendments is an automatic service whereby you will be notified of any amendments issued by a buyer organization for opportunities you have ordered on Biddingo.

Notification of Cancellation

Notification of cancellation is an automated service whereby you will be notified of the cancellation of any opportunities you have ordered on Biddingo.

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PDF (Portable Document Format)

A file format created by Adobe Acrobat Writer, and is readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Files which can be downloaded or emailed from Biddingo, will always be in a PDF format due to the fact that they are non-editable. The latest version of The Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe Acrobat site, free of charge.

Pooling Phase

After a private group bid opportunity is published on, it is in the Pooling Phase – meaning that private buyers can add their requested items to the group bid document. See Private Bidding.

Pre-qualified Supplier Registration (formerly Vendor Registration)

Pre-Qualified Supplier Registration is a web-based solution provided to Public Sector Organizations, so that they can locate suppliers who have applied to be listed on their bidder's list. Suppliers input their company information and categorize the goods or service they provide directly to the public buyer's desk. Public buyers can send Bid Invitations by e-mail to selected suppliers from their Bidder's list or through Biddingo’s database called Source It!

Private bidding

Used by private companies who are looking to find suppliers for products and services. It is often used to find subcontractors for construction and non-construction jobs. Private bidding can also be used to find suppliers for group purchasing, where companies purchase supplies as a group to command lower prices.

Private Sector

A variety of entities such as private firms and companies, corporations, private banks, non-governmental organizations, etc.

Public Sector

Organizations that deal with the delivery of goods and services by and for the government, whether national, regional or local/municipal.

Publish Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

The date on which the notice becomes active and subscribers are able to view the notice on Biddingo Public Tenders.

Published Bid

A bid opportunity that is live, and open for bidding.

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Related Bid Documents

These are associated bid components, such as bid documents, amendments and document takers.

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Single Document Purchase (Non-Subscriber Order)

An order placed by a person who is not a registered Premium Biddingo subscriber. For more information please see “Why Subscribe?”.

Solicitation (see bid notice)

Solicitation Type – Closed Bid

Only suppliers that have shown interest and that have been invited can submit a bid for the business opportunity. (See Closed Invitation)

Solicitation Type – Single Bid

Only one supplier will be contacted to provide the goods or services required. Example: A replacement part that is only produced by one supplier, or a service that is only delivered by one supplier.


A listing of suppliers on that are registered by category and commodity code. Used primarily by purchasing managers or buyers to source suppliers.

Standard Format

Standard format refers to documents or amendments which are 8.5"x11" or 8.5" x 14".

Sub Organization List

A list of Sub Organizations created by the Parent Organization.


A paid user of


A person, business or other entity who wishes to pursue procurement opportunities.

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Tender (See Bid)

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User ID

A personalized code that is created by the Biddingo user at the time of registration. This ID is an email address and provides Suppliers or Buyers with access to the Biddingo system.

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